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History of Our Humble Beginnings...

The Late Prophet/Bishop Robert C Blakes Sr., was called to pastor in 1965.  Soon after his appointment, he began to broadcast on a popular local radio station.  His voice was so powerful and so unique that it was immediately noticed by a prominent DJ who labeled him as “The Man with a Golden Voice”.  That voice, along with his strong faith in God, and his captivating, charismatic personality, made him a natural as he preached to his congregation.  The radio broadcast gave him a larger and more diverse audience who loved him equally as much as his own congregants.  He, himself, fell in love with radio broadcasting and dreamed of owning his own radio station one day.


In 1993, the late Prophet/Bishop Blakes, Sr, and his wife, Lois, purchased KKNO AM Radio Station.   K-75 AM, as it is often referred to, is unique, because in the early nineties, we made history by being the first and the only locally owned and operated African American Radio Station in the city of New Orleans, and its surrounding areas.   This is an Historical Fact that we own today, and will continue in the future.  K-75 is a day time station, operating from sunrise to sunset.  Prophet/Bishop Blakes Sr. was in the process of searching for ways of expanding K-75 AM, but that search was suddenly interrupted because the Lord called him home.

Nevertheless, our family never gave up on making the prophet’s dream become a reality.   In 2021, the Lord enabled us to expand to 107.1 FM, and we are now broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Look at God!  All programming is broadcasted simultaneously on AM and FM, with a full, impactful, vibrant sound.   This is a tremendous blessing and we are so grateful to God.  However, this did not occur before the prophet’s demise, but today he is rejoicing in glory.

                                                                              TUNE IN 24/7

Our listening audience was always comparable to the city's oldest Gospel radio station that has been around for nearly 50 years.   K-75 was very strong competition for them as an AM station, but now that we have grown to FM, we feel there is no comparison.   Our tremendous success can be attributed first to God, our well-rounded format, and our perseverance of the part of our family. 

Being locally owned and operated always has a greater advantage over stations owned by large corporations who are home-based elsewhere.  Because our corporate office is located in this vicinity, we are easily accessible to present and potential clients.  Our doors are open during normal business hours so clients may walk in, meet our staff and conduct business at hand.  Since we have firsthand knowledge of the needs of the people in this area, a major concern is to address those needs through the airwaves by providing the most suitable programming developed just for you.  However, we are not limited to satisfying just the locals, we have the desire to address the needs of persons outside of the local area also.   As a matter of fact, we are aiming for the world.  Yes, we are prepared and equipped to accommodate clients from anywhere in the world through our website,, and/or Social Media avenues. 


For your enjoyment, the suitable programming mentioned includes:  your favorite musical artists, powerful ministries both local and abroad, inspiring and informative talk, addressing community issues, providing world news from a national network, along with a wide variety of other interests. 


K-75 IS 


The terminology "Unmistakably Christian Radio" was adopted because we want people to know without a shadow of a doubt, who we are, and whom we represent. When one tune in there should be no mistake about whether we are Christian Radio or not. Our aim is to lift up the Name of Jesus in every way possible through the media of radio.

We are so grateful to God for giving us

KKNO - 750AM & 107.1FM

  This allows us to bring daily JOY into your lives, around the clock





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