History of Our Humble Beginnings...

Many years passed as Prophet continued to pray and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In 1993, after a visit by a sales rep from a new station in town, the Lord again spoke to the Prophet and told him to 'inquire about that station, because you're going to purchase it." He was obedient to the voice of God and, in August 1993, He and his wife Lois went to the act of sale for KKNO AM RADIO STATION. Lois now serves as the CEO and General Manager.

.K-75 AM is unique because it is the first and only locally owned and operated African American Radio Station in the city of New Orleans. Being locally owned and operated has an advantage over those stations owned by large corporations based elsewhere – because we live in this area we know the needs of the people here. Therefore, our goal is to minister to those needs through Gospel Radio as best as we possibly can.

It is true that we are a low-powered daytime station, operating only at 250kw, but, in spite of that, we have a
very high impact on the city and its vicinity. Our range covers the entire New Orleans area, including Orleans and Jefferson, the Louisiana Bayou area, the NorthShore across Lake Pontchartrain and the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Our listening audience is comparable to the city's oldest Gospel radio station that has been around for nearly 50 ears. It has been said that K-75 is very strong competition for them. The tremendous success of this station can be attributed first to God and then to its well-rounded format. As you tune in to KKNO you will hear music that caters to every age group, local and national ministries, community interests, talk shows and a program for women. Over the years, our listeners have been blessed by such
dynamic worldwide ministries as Dr. Frederick K.C. Price, Dr. Tony Evans, Rev. Clay Evans, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Bishop Eddie Long, Bishop Darryl S. Brister, Bishop Robert C. Blakes, Sr., and others as well.

In the early stage of owning and operating K-75, God blessed us to purchase our own building and new equipment. We are currently operating with a staff of 9 and growing. There are future plans to expand. At the present time engineers are working to find a way for this very powerful low-powered station to increase its wattage. If we are unable to do so, we will look into the possibility of purchasing other stations.

The terminology "
Unmistakably Christian Radio" was adopted because we want people to know without a shadow of a doubt, who we are, and who we represent. When one tunes in there will be no mistake about whether we are Christian Radio or not. Our aim is to lift up the Name of Jesus in every way possible through the media of radio. We thank God for giving us K-75AM!

Prophet Robert C. Blakes, Sr., often referred to as the "Man with the Golden Voice", has always had a love for radio. Early in his ministry, he experienced much success because of his powerful and anointed radio broadcasts. As his charismatic personality was heard across the airways, many people flocked to his services, causing him a shortage of space.


During the 70's, there were several radio stations in the city who solicited business from the churches there, but christianity was not their chief concern. Thus, accommodations were poor. Local ministers patronized these broadcasting companies, accepting whatever was handed to them only because they desired to have radio broadcasts.

The Lord spoke to the Prophet, saying: "The ministers need to organize and purchase their own radio station." Prophet passed this word on to various other pastors in an effort to get them to come together cooperatively for this purpose. This plan never materialized.